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“Good Design is for Eternity”

Alberto Alessi, Designer


Maximum quality at a fixed price

mvh networks makes your Internet ideas a worthwhile investment. Whether you want modern graphic design for your website, programming to create complex web applications or efficient online marketing, we offer excellent service and create powerful results – even for limited budgets. Your price is determined by the time it takes us to complete your project. As a guide, we have compiled standardised packages to give you a no-obligation overview of the features which are already included and how much your project will cost.

We do not create run-of-the-mill products: we guarantee that our designs are created just for you with a variety of features and applications on top. All of this is available for a fixed price! You will not incur extra charges at a later date. We make our costs and prices as transparent as possible.

Rather than purchasing outright, you can take advantage of our financing options which include leasing or instalment purchase at 0% interest. We are happy to offer you advice.

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Web design packages at a fixed price:

Our services at a glance:

Web design / template
Individual full-screen template design (home page, content page, contact page) in PSD format.From €320
Responsive web design. Creating websites optimised for all devices. Price depends on requirements
Each extra page which differs from the main design.From €49
Developing and creating an individual Flash design.From €549
Each extra Flash page which differs from the main design.From €98
Searching for appropriate graphics or images and purchasing the usage rights. Price depends on requirements
Look and feel (adapting your website to certain occasions, e.g. Christmas, Easter). Price depends on requirements
Individual graphic animations, sound effects or Flash headers. Price depends on requirements
Logo design
2 concepts / revision round / final version€150
Market research / 3 concepts / revision round / final version€320
Corporate design / corporate identity
Logo design / personalised stationery, envelopes / business cards.€450
Ad banner for print media
Α4 /2€160
Α4 /4€80
Banner for online ads
button1 graphic banner (120×60)€50
button2 graphic banner (120×90)€75
Square button graphic banner (120×120)€100
Full graphic banner (468×60)€200
Graphic skyscraper (120×600)€300
button1 Flash banner (120×60)€80
button2 Flash banner (120×90)€110
Square button Flash banner (120×120)€140
Full Flash banner (468×60)€260
Flash skyscraper (120×600)€380
Advertising poster
Programming WordPress plug-insFrom €49 per hour
Programming PHP applicationsFrom €79 per hour
Integrating a slide show into home pages or subpages.From €129
Guestbook/polls From €49
References/portfolio/photo galleriesFrom €180
Contact or input forms (10 input fields each) From €49
Installing open source e-commerce modulesPrice depends on requirements
CMS – content management system (installing open source CMS modules for static websites)From €450
Small CMS – content management system (dynamic product catalogue based on open source CMS solutions)From €225
Forum (installation, setup)From €350
SSL security certificates
VeriSign certificateFrom €340 per year
Comodo certificateFrom €60 per year
Search engine for your website’s content (for closed databases)From €100
Closed user group for dynamic websitesFrom €100
E-payment solutions – pay by credit card, PayPalFrom €250
Newsletter moduleFrom €180
Webmail accessFrom €49
Entering and listing your company on the mapFrom €49
Live sales module for an interactive chat toolFrom €150
Setting up an email account (e.g. €49
Implementing Google Analytics on your website€49
Analysing and evaluating your website’s visitor statistics (monthly reports and an evaluation of the results)€300
Listing on Germany’s major search enginesFrom €49
Advertising campaign with Google AdWords (the campaign budget is not included in the price)€350
Advertising campaign on Facebook (the campaign budget is not included in the price)From €75
E-card creationFrom €49
Search engine optimisation(price per 10 keywords)From €150
Managing an extensive advertising campaign. Designing your online campaign, creating your advertising banner, conducting market research and evaluating the results.From €700
Newsletter marketing (the cost of sending the newsletter, €0.05 per email, is not included in the price)From €240
Newsletter / email designFrom €100
For companies with up to 5 employeesFrom €440*
For companies with more than 5 employeesFrom €990*
*Daily rate plus travel costs
Translation of web contentCalculated on a per-project basis
Expanding dynamic websites with multilingual contentFrom €200
Expanding static websites with multilingual contentFrom €20 per language and page

The support costs are charged at €60.00 net per hour with a minimum charge of one hour. If you are planning to update your website frequently, we offer three support options. These support packages last for a 6- or 12-month period and include pre-paid man hours. This saves you money and gives you peace of mind that your website is fully protected. Unused support hours will expire the following month. If your support hours are insufficient in one particular month, we can offer you extra support hours at the discounted rate of €49.00 based on your maintenance agreement.

We are happy to draw up an individual support agreement in line with specific requirements for customers requiring more assistance than is offered in our support options.

Standard support. This package is suitable for small static websites which are not updated very often. It includes 4 hours of technical support per month which can be used to update or adapt content and to monitor your website.

6 months€220.00 per month
12 months€185.00 per month
Extra support€49 per hour

Medium support. This package is recommended for static or dynamic websites which are often updated or require more intense monitoring due to their high visitor figures. It includes 8 hours of technical support per month for monitoring and editing content.

6 months€385.00 per month
12 months€350.00 per month
Extra support€49 per hour

Large support. The comprehensive hassle-free package for complex websites and applications. It offers 16 hours of technical support per month which covers checking, updating or adapting content and monitoring your website.

6 months€675.00 per month
12 months€640.00 per month
Extra support€49 per hour

* All prices exclude statutory VAT.