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Design & Development

“Good Design is for Eternity”

Alberto Alessi, Designer

Profile and outline

mvh networks

We are a dynamic company specialised in the application of new technologies. Our aim is to support our customers in making sensible use of the constant stream of options offered up by the Internet and online advertising and to help make these options an important part of our customers’ success. We have put strategies in place to develop the best concepts for achieving objectives and maximising profits in close collaboration with our customers, and we always work in compliance with international quality and safety standards. We take a creative, transparent and target-oriented approach to our work at all times.

mvh networks specialises in:
  • Web and graphic design
  • Web-powered / distributed programming
  • Developing portal solutions
  • E-commerce development
  • Online marketing
  • IT consultation
  • Web support


We get the job done!

mvh networks was founded in 2008 by business management graduates Georgios Melissopoulos and Georgios Vitsas and computer scientist Charilaos Thomos. CEOs Georgios Vitsas and Georgios Melissopoulos have been running the company in partnership since April 2014. In May 2010, we launched our web and graphic design services under the “logominds” brand which offers customised logo and graphic design solutions.

We have been creating complex portal solutions for a wide range of industries from day one. We have combined our experience in these areas so that it now forms the foundations for our “logtrino” portal solution which we presented for the first time at the tekom trade fair in April 2016. There are always exciting new developments!

Cost effectiveness

The costs at a glance

We work with you to define the scope and details of your requirements. We focus on future expandability here. We provide well-engineered and cost-effective open source content management systems (CMS) for your website or even your online shop so that you have the option of taking care of the content yourself.

We can deal with any challenge in the most cost-efficient way through constant process optimisation, the application and development of the latest web standards and through our global network of partners and agencies.


The added value in our services

Our relationship with our customers and partners is extremely important to us. We combine our values with our cost effectiveness and high quality standards to guarantee 100% satisfaction. An experienced team of designers, developers and marketing experts will create concepts for and implement your requirements. An experienced project manager will guide you through the entire implementation phase. Direct contact with him or her without having to attend time-consuming meetings or experience expensive waiting times ensures excellent collaboration.

100% satisfaction

You can oversee our concepts and the entire production flow from the very beginning. Your feedback will go through as many rounds as it takes to individually adapt your project to your standards. This is all included in the service – you will not be charged extra for this.

mvh true high quality design

All of our projects are created in line with the mvh networks True High-Quality Design principle. The high-quality design is not a standard product – it is a modern design individually created to your specifications. When you add our unbeatable prices into the mix, it is clear to see that we are setting new standards in web design.

Guarantee on all applications

We offer lifetime warranty for all web applications programmed by us. If functional difficulties arise in the future, we will take care of them and resolve any issues. No further costs will be incurred here.

0% down payment

We do not ask for a down payment on any of our web design projects. You pay once the order is complete. Our order confirmation will list the entire scope of services and the agreed price. This way, you can check that all specifications have been met when the project is complete.

*Only projects that have been created by us carry the mvh networks logo.


Our passion

mvh networks is dedicated to more than just technology. We also care about people and their ideas. People, ideas, future.

Shaping the future

We know how difficult it is to have a great idea but not be able to do anything about it due to a lack of resources or experience.

As a result, mvh networks offers young people an annual opportunity to bring their ideas to life with our help. We bear 100% of the development costs and act in an advisory role. Our consultancy and non-disclosure agreement ensures that your idea will always belong to you.

Send us an informative outline of your idea to by 29/12/2017. With a bit of luck we will soon be getting down to business!

Giving help where help is needed

We also see our success as a commitment to social responsibility. As such, we donate a proportion of the revenue from our projects to charitable institutions every year.

We also offer not-for-profit organisations supporting charities the chance to have their organisation’s website designed free of charge. If you are interested, please email us at