Online marketing

Targeted advertising to your ideal customers

The sheer volume of information available online is overwhelming. So it is now vital to stand out from this flood. Although online marketing has now become one of the most important sales channels, it is also becoming an increasingly difficult one to master. In order to successfully sell your products or services online, your online marketing strategy needs to create a synergy consisting of a marketing concept, technical infrastructure and innovative design. This can instantly reach a significantly higher number of potential customers in your target audience. Depending on the methods used, investing in a modern and carefully planned online marketing concept can pay off within a matter of days or weeks.

We will help you to boost your website’s profile and improve your ranking in search engines to make it easier for you to reach your potential customers. We do this by using methods such as search engine optimisation, search engine marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, affiliate marketing and online reputation management. Once we have analysed your objectives and target audience, we will help you to select the best methods. Take our advice and tap into new channels and prospects for success.

Our online marketing services at a glance:

We base your online marketing campaign on solid foundations which cover all bases. As an advertising agency, we join forces with our partner, 2be_die Markenmacher, to analyse your company’s market environment and competitors and to develop communication methods which combine advertising content and design in a coherent strategy. Rather than restricting ourselves to individual media during this process, we create a marketing mix from our extensive range of services which will help you to achieve success.
Once we have discussed, defined and specified the objectives with you, we will help you to find the right online advertising strategy. Choosing the right method is crucial so that you achieve your objectives at the lowest possible financial cost. We can also give you advice on the benefits and differences between the pay-per-click and pay-per-view pricing models. In online advertising, the pay-per-view (PPV) model means you pay a fixed amount for each user who sees your online ad. So as an online vendor, you will be charged the fixed amount as soon as your online ad appears on a website. Depending on the pricing model, you will see a number of different reactions: visible contact (views), qualified leads, orders or sales.
Optimise your website for search engines. mvh networks offers expert advice on SEO in order to increase your website’s relevance. We start by analysing whether HTML standards have been observed, then we ensure that the website content and technical aspects have been optimised and professional links have been added. But you don’t have to do everything all at once: after the analysis, we will suggest a number of options that you can use to make your website more search engine friendly.

What is SEO?
Search engine optimisation (SEO) describes measures used to make websites rank higher in search engine results. Search engine optimisation is part of search engine marketing.

Professional email marketing is a low-cost, fast and efficient option for quickly communicating information, news and campaigns to your target audience. Newsletter advertising creates a closer customer relationship and strips away your anonymity. Analysing your customer base will enable you to address very specific target groups on a personal level. New customers and repeat purchasers are important target groups that you can reach in a way that can be measured and evaluated, meaning you get great value for money.

We offer the following services here:

  • Newsletter design
  • Programming templates
  • Campaign management and marketing control
  • Editorial work
  • Data management
Even though English is a global language, the language barrier in online retail should not be underestimated. We can have your website content professionally translated into all commercial languages. We work closely with our partner, beo Gesellschaft für Sprachen und Technologie mbH, to offer this service. In this process, we focus on exporting / importing your content using cost-effective methods. The translations are created by native language translators with experience in your industry at competitive prices.
Social media is becoming increasingly important in online marketing. Influencers on these platforms are having an ever greater impact on their followers’ consumer behaviour. Social media offers endless possibilities for companies and enormous potential for tapping into this need for personalised recommendations.

We develop individual strategies to suit your company and define key figures and goals to make your success measurable. Putting together the best possible plan of action will help with your internal processes for dealing with social media.

Ad banners in online media are great if you want to take a targeted approach to positioning products and services. They are also perfect for marketing campaigns with a limited time frame. If you place them carefully and they have an interesting and informative design, you can redirect visitors on third-party websites to your own site or to dedicated campaign websites. We can create your static or animated banner in all available banner formats.

We offer the following services here:

  • Design and implementation of your banner
  • Implementation on the landing page
  • Link to the desired website
Are you looking for new customers for your company and do you want to target them online? There are middlemen on the World Wide Web who can help you to attract the attention of specific groups of potential customers. Make use of affiliate marketing to establish a network of partners and capitalise on its benefits. We can analyse your market and competition to give you a fair assessment of your market opportunities. We work together to define realistic objectives and create an effective customer acquisition strategy.
Adopt the Internet giants’ financing model: we can use Google Analytics to provide a clear picture of the profile and behaviour of your website visitors. After assessing and analysing these results, we will show you your website’s strengths and weaknesses so you can recognise specific problems and find an appropriate solution with our support. Google Analytics provides information on a range of statistics, including:
  • General traffic
  • Page views
  • Geo tracking
  • Overview of the traffic sources

Improve your website’s efficiency with optimised keywords. We can advise and support you in optimising your keyword effectiveness. This will help you to hit the marketing and sales targets that you have set for yourself.

When you think of advertising, the first thought that comes to mind is of an image. Really? No. You first think of a word – a name, a product, an idea. Then your imagination runs wild. Your potential customers who search online do not enter images via their computer keyboard, either.

They use words.

So don’t underestimate the importance of the text on your website. It needs to be able to do a number of things: arouse the interest of its visitors, encourage them to read more, browse through your offerings and ultimately make a purchase. Even impulsive online purchases are not made because of pretty pictures but as a result of well formulated and focused information. The text also needs to comply with the search engine’s algorithms to give it a good page ranking. We work with our partner, Redaktionsbüro Bluthard, to analyse your market and fine-tune your copy so that it becomes the optimum solution for promoting your products and services online and attracts the attention of potential customers.