Web design

The Internet – just as you pictured it

First impressions are made in an instant. This is why our projects are known for their innovative nature and high quality. We create the layout as well as the web and graphic design for web-based applications and websites. Our portfolio comprises examples of successful websites with designs that have played an often significant part in this success. Our web design solutions are tailored to your requirements, have impressive features, including clear menu navigation, a user-friendly design and accessibility options, and are compatible with all standard browsers and devices. As such, your business will look professional and appealing anywhere and at any time. We always create our websites in accordance with the latest industry standards. They are designed in HTML5 format and have valid HTML Transitional and CSS certification in line with the regulations set out by the international organisations in the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).

Our websites are also compatible with all standard browsers and are mobile optimised. After all, responsive web design is a standard part of our services! We also use AJAX and JSON applications to make navigating around your website user friendly and interactive.

Transparent and low cost: we offer a range of extensive web design packages at a fixed price (including hosting and domain registration) for SMEs, the self-employed and freelancers to stop the costs from getting out of control. You will also be able to maintain your website on your own.

Our web design services at a glance:

Transform the Internet into your strategic partner and expand your company’s horizons. We have compiled a number of comprehensive web design packages to help you create an attractive, high-quality online presence without breaking the bank.

Our web design solutions include a design created just for you (no inflexible standard products) and all of the corresponding applications needed to create a complete, functional and professional online presence. The modular structure will enable you to scale your website in future and personalise it as much as you like.

When it comes to web design for portals, good design means more than just good appearance. To a greater degree, a portal is a central point in a complex functional system. The design needs to take account of navigation options and user friendliness alongside the various technical interfaces. Due to their high volume of content, portals require a coherent structure for their content with intuitive navigation for the user. This navigation should take visitors to more than the one product they were originally interested in. We pay great attention to detail when we plan our concepts for your portal. This will help as many visitors as possible to feel at ease on your website with their personal visual preferences and to find their way around easily. At this stage of the process, we comply with the latest standards for planning websites (grid layout) and create portals for you which look great and work perfectly.

An online shop is the future of marketing, regardless of your industry. We can design and implement graphic templates for all standard online shop applications. We analyse your product range and then develop your online shop. In this process, we focus on the best way to present your products and on ensuring that the customer can effortlessly find their way around your shop. Orders are placed online and there are a number of secure payment systems available. A functioning online shop gives every company, regardless of its size, the opportunity to establish a close and direct business relationship with their customer anywhere in the world and in a multitude of languages.
Blog/forum theme design is a matter of designing and implementing interfaces for all well-known blogs and forums (WordPress, Typepad, etc.). All templates are in valid HTML/CSS formats and will create modern graphics for your blog. These templates are easy to install and mobile optimised.
Just as fashion trends shift throughout the years, the perception of and requirements placed on websites also change. Whereas websites used to consist of pure informational content years ago, there is now more of a focus on how the company is represented. A website can heavily influence public perception. In order to overcome this challenge, we analyse your website to see whether your content is up to date and to look for potential improvements in the programming. We review your website with regard to user ergonomics as well as whether it effectively addresses the target groups and meets the current web standards. We also update the design without completely overhauling the website.
Static websites are the perfect solution if you do not need to update your content often. The content (text, images) of static websites is integrated into the source code. These sites cannot access databases. As such, they are usually faster and cheaper to develop. But updating the content is more complex and requires programming skills. If you do not want to do this yourself, we would be happy to offer you our services for future updates.
Dynamic websites store the content (text, images, etc.) separately from technical elements (layout templates, programming, scripts). If a user visits a website, the content and technical elements are read from the databases and added to the website just in time. This is known as a dynamic website. If the website content changes very frequently, you will need to regularly rely on the support of a specialist if you do not have a content management system. Setting up CMS can solve the problem once and for all. It makes inserting text and other content easy and safe – it is like child’s play. CMS can be used for the entire website or just certain parts requiring frequent changes (e.g. press releases, job advertisements and special offers). Its low cost and low technical requirements make it suitable for SMEs with a limited budget in addition to large-scale enterprises.
The design is very important when it comes to implementing your company’s corporate identity. Our web design brings your online identity to life and is adapted to your values which you have developed over the years. In other words, we design a consistent and professional look and feel for your web applications. Unlike traditional materials featuring corporate design, in corporate web design a number of sources of information (e.g. text, photographs, video, sound) are used to spread your corporate message across the World Wide Web.
Portfolio websites are perfect for freelancers such as photographers, models, artists, graphic designers, designers and other creative professionals. First impressions often count in these professions and can be the deciding factor in whether a prospective customer sticks around on the website and becomes a client. Our portfolio websites can be updated anywhere at any time with just a few mouse clicks. You will never have to wait for your web designer to add the latest success stories to your portfolio ever again.
Microsites are ideal for targeted advertising for a specific product, especially as part of an advertising campaign. A microsite focuses on a product or service and sets it apart from your company as a whole. It helps you to show off the stars in your portfolio and stand out from the crowd.