Web support

The pillars you can rely on

Do you want to update, improve or expand your website? Are you looking for a reliable and experienced partner for PHP and MySQL programming who will help you to set up and expand your website?
We can help you quickly and simply via the Internet!
Remote desktop applications make this possible. We can help you with all technical website issues that you face. We can also systematically monitor complex platforms, websites or portals.
Whether it is an emergency situation or maintenance works are required, our support is financially feasible. The price for emergency support depends on the time required. Our support solutions are available at a fixed price. You can block book a number of hours at affordable prices.

How to contact our support team:

  • Email response: the emails we receive are answered quickly with expert advice.
  • “Call me” button: we receive your callback request directly and respond immediately.
  • Remote Desktop Connection: we can access your computer directly.

Why is good web support so important? Nowadays, the Internet is one of the most important communication channels for showcasing your company and offering your products and services. Your web presence – regardless of its size – is a port of call for the entire world. It communicates information 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

If you want to give existing and prospective customers a positive and professional overall impression, your website will need just as much support and service as any other sales channel. A website is not a voiceless shop window – it needs to be able to act and react quickly and correctly. Customers do not revisit an unmaintained website with broken links or other malfunctions.

Our services at a glance:

If you plan to make frequent changes to your website, we have three support options. These support packages last for a 6- or 12-month period and include pre-paid man hours. This saves you money and gives you peace of mind that your website is fully protected. Unused support hours will expire the following month. If your support hours are insufficient in one particular month, we can offer you extra support hours at the discounted rate of €49.00 based on your maintenance agreement.

We would be happy to draw up an individual support agreement in line with specific requirements for customers requiring more assistance than is offered in our support options.

Websites which have not been created by professionals pose a huge risk to their operator and visitors. Attackers can easily gain full access to databases, the web server or even customer accounts and do major damage. This is particularly relevant to dynamic websites which enable interaction with visitors. An attacker can manipulate, or even delete, the files on your web server (e.g. to intercept data or spread malware) through so-called unexpected inputs. We analyse your website’s security by examining the scripts and databases it uses. If we find security issues, we compile suggestions on how to resolve these problems and implement these solutions however you see fit.

It is very difficult to transfer dynamic websites to another server. But when transferring your website, we make sure that your applications and databases are securely stored and help you to find the right server for you.

A website without continuous updates will become less and less attractive and visitor figures will drop. Many static website owners do not have the technical skills or the time to regularly update their website. Let us help you and surprise your visitors with changing information or attractive features.

An online application requires constant attention to guarantee its smooth functionality. Our experienced support team can monitor your online application and recognise and resolve issues in an emergency.

Backing up your website on a regular basis is a must. If there are issues with your server or if hackers attack, it may result in a loss of data. We create these backups for you and store them securely. In the event of loss, this minimises the amount of deleted data as the last backup can be used to restore your website so that it is quickly up to date again.

Progressive enhancement is a web design method which makes your website look great on all devices. It separates the information from the presentation so that the website is optimised for every browser regardless of the Internet connection type, the browser’s age or version, its functions and the connection’s bandwidth. Progressive enhancement offers accessibility and usability for devices which only have limited features (JavaScript/CSS/Flash support). Source: Wikipedia

Once an update is available, WordPress or its plug-ins should be updated as soon as possible. There differences between smaller version updates and major master releases in this regard. Plug-ins in particular are constantly being developed in order to resolve often dangerous security vulnerabilities. We back up your entire website (theme/WordPress/database) before each update and check any upcoming updates for compatibility and dependencies. If the files in a theme or plug-in were manually adapted in the past, these adaptations will be overwritten in an update. We readjust these files accordingly to guarantee your website’s consistency.